Canada Post mandarins end 35 years of service

I would like to add to your thoughts that six months of mail forwarding for a business, let alone personal matters, is a totally insufficient offer in that it will mean new stationery, including for my own personal operations, labels and envelopes being wasted or marked up very unprofessionally and a significantly higher cost for a much smaller box – where one can be found which is easier said than done. To date I have not been able to locate one in Richmond at a reasonable distance from 5000 Miller Road.

Having been with this location through its many transmogrifications over 35 years including facing higher costs by having to go to a central location for mail pickup and yet still paying the same rate as one who got office delivery, I feel Canada Post is once again putting the bureaucrat ahead of customer service. Over the years we have been moved from pillar to post having to pick up special mail all over Richmond – from the 7-11 in the terminal to various off-site locations. Some box holders may have free or low cost boxes but I have been here from the early days of the AMF and have never been aware of other than standard pricing.

We are in total agreement that the issue is simply having some semblance of the box remain in operation – even, given the worst case scenario of it being off the airport. I don’t believe any of us live on Sea Island so I would accept an off site location although may not be happy about it. For business purposes as one who has used this address for 35 years having to change and notify everyone I deal with seems like an impossible cost. Some mail items only arrive every year – renewals of various items – and six months will simply not suffice for mail forwarding.

I, too, have no criticism of the staff who have serviced this location over the past number of years and feel for them being caught in the middle of this inconsiderate and unjust act of Canada Post’s well removed mandarins. This action is certainly not endearing me to the Canadian postal service. Since Canada Post is the major owner of Purolator should we not also stop using Purolator should the Box location be closed??? FedEx is certainly a viable alternative even if our money ultimately leaves Canada.

Brian C. Doutaz
Box 24140

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