The Airport Postal Outlet kiosk.

The Airport Postal Outlet kiosk.

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If you’re here then you’re probably also a box holder at the Airport Postal Outlet at Vancouver International Airport. As you are no doubt aware by now, Canada Post has decided to close and dismantle the APO on June 1st. I have tried very hard, during the short amount of notice they have given us, to find out the reasons for the closure and to determine whether or not there are more palatable alternatives to the ones that Canada Post have foisted on us. The two middle managers I have been able to speak to in Richmond — whom I will not name at this point because this is not about individual Canada Post employees — have been reasonably helpful to a degree, but it sounds like they are just as much in the dark about why this is happening and what is happening after June 1st as we are.

With only ten days to the closing of the APO and no reasonable — or at least visible — effort on Canada Post’s part to pay any attention to the needs of their customers at the APO, I’ve decided that setting up this small website and directing people to it is the best thing I can do at this point. My attempts to deal directly with Canada Post in Richmond have failed. My attempts to deal with the customer service people (presumably in Ottawa or in a call centre somewhere) have failed, as I was simply redirected back to a slightly irate manager in Richmond who wondered why I had “complained”. (I hadn’t complained; I’d only asked to have the matter referred to someone higher up the food chain.) Going to the Canada Post ombudsman at this point wouldn’t resolve anything before June 1st. Contacting the media might get some attention — the media love a good Canada Post story, don’t they? — but I think I’ll save that stick for next week.

If you’d like to contact me directly, please see the contact page. Thanks.

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