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Still some weirdness

I did not reinstall everything over the weekend, but there is still some weirdness. I think it’s related to my adding about 400 users to the blog through the “back door”, so to speak, rather than adding them one at a time. However, I’m now posting as a “regular user” like everyone else and the […]

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Missing box numbers

Since I set this up I’ve had one person tell me that they couldn’t log in. It turns out that I didn’t know about that person’s box number, so hadn’t created a user name for them. In creating the users based on box numbers, I used the Canada Post postal code directory, and that person’s […]

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Blog Anomalies

Having spent hours setting this up, I’m seeing some odd anomalies that may necessitate reinstalling everything. If that has to happen I’ll do it on the weekend. In the meantime, please sign any posts or comments in some way to give us an idea of who you are, as that doesn’t appear to happen by […]

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Logging in

In case you happen to discover this website today (May 21st) before the official launch tomorrow, please be advised that I haven’t set up all box holders at the APO as users on the site yet, so you can’t log in. I’ll be doing that later today unless I decide to take a different approach… […]

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Getting started

This post will serve to test the posting system and get things started. I’ll shortly be adding everything I’ve learnt about the situation to this website. I hope you’ll do the same.

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