Suggestions anyone?

What can we (or I) do to keep the Airport Postal Outlet, in some shape or form, open? Should we circulate one of those online petitions that so often invade our email? It has been interesting to note that in my conversations with one of the Canada Post managers, he has said that he has spent hours on the phone with customers wanting to know what is going to happen. I can believe that, as I alone have spent at least a couple of hours on the phone with him in recent weeks. (I’ll be posting details of these conversations shortly.) Clearly Canada Post are aware of the consternation they are causing here. This manager has said that he has passed the information up the line, but he and even his immediate supervisor are being kept in the dark. Who is keeping them in the dark I don’t know, because if I did I’d have talked to them by now.

Anyway, if you have some specific ideas about what action we can take in the next few days that would help the situation, please post your ideas in comments to this post. Thanks.

May 21, 2009 • Tags:  • Posted in: Questions

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