Letter from Canada Post

Below is the letter that at least some of the box holders at the APO received from Canada Post. I didn’t make a note of when this arrived, but I only check my mail box 2-3 times a month anyway, so since the letter is undated there’s no way for me to know exactly when it was delivered. However, I think it’s safe to say that it arrived sometime during April.

Even assuming that it arrived on April 1st, that’s only about 60 days of notice. I can’t find it now, but I thought I read something recently that said that Canada Post can terminate a service with 30 days of notice. (It’s not in the “Postal Boxes” chapter of the “Canada Postal Guide“, which is where I thought I remembered reading it.) So fair enough; it seems that in this case Canada Post provided twice as much notice as they were required to. Regardless of whether or not there is such a 30-day clause, the fact is that this decision appears to have been made for reasons that Canada Post is either unwilling or unable to communicate, and with absolutely no plan for what (if anything) is to take the place of the APO for the 400 or so people who, I believe, use it. I have tried to find out the reasoning behind the decision and I’ve tried to find out what their plan is, but neither piece of information has been forthcoming.

Letter from Canada Post, April 2009.

Letter from Canada Post, April 2009

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