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This website is simply a blog. Every box holder at the APO already has a username and password here: Your username is your box number (e.g., 12345), and your password is your postal code with all lower-case letters and no spaces (e.g., v7b1y2). Once you’ve logged in, please change your password. You can also edit your profile to tell us who you are if you wish, but you don’t have to. If you have any problems logging in with your box number and postal code, please contact me.

Since I set this up I’ve had one person tell me that they couldn’t log in. It turns out that I didn’t know about that person’s box number, so hadn’t created a user name for them. In creating the users based on box numbers, I used the Canada Post postal code directory, and that person’s box number was not in there for some reason. (I didn’t create the list by writing down box numbers off the boxes themselves at the APO.) So, if you find that you can’t log in with your box number and postal code, please register and then I’ll upgrade your status so that you can post.

Once you’ve logged in and changed your password, you can comment on any blog posts that exist or make your own blog post. Just dive right in and say something that you think might be useful for the rest of us to know. The plan is that once this website has served its purpose it will be archived, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. (However, please keep things civil, on-topic and professional.) Think of it this way: You and I don’t know each other, and so we can’t talk amongst ourselves and compare notes on what is happening. Think of this website as a virtual conference room where we can put our heads together to see if we can somehow influence Canada Post to listen to us, tell us what is happening and why, and come up with a more reasonable solution.

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