Simply put, the goal of this website is to convince Canada Post to keep the Airport Postal Outlet in some form.

Canada Post has stated that, regardless of what happens after June 1st — and nobody at Canada Post that I’ve spoken to seems to know what might happen after June 1st — our addresses will change. Having been a box holder since 1991 — that’s 18 years! — I’ve been through the move from the former retail outlet in one of the cargo buildings on Miller Road to the APO’s current location. Our addresses didn’t change as a result of that move. If there is some reason that the APO cannot exist in its current location, I’m quite happy to have my box located somewhere else on the airport. As such, I don’t see why our addresses should have to change. In fact, the reason I rented the box 18 years ago was so that I wouldn’t have to update my address every time I moved. Back in the early 90s, I did that a lot. I don’t do it as much any more, but I probably do more than most people.

It’s also a stable address for my business that I’ve owned for 13 years, and stability is important in any business. So is the ability to rely on suppliers like Canada Post not to make arbitrary and detrimental changes in the services they provide. In fact, the reason I chose to rent a mail box from Canada Post rather than a private company like Mail Boxes, Etc. (remember them?) was because I assumed they’d be more stable than a private company, both in terms of staying in business and also in terms of my address staying the same, even if the physical location of the box changed.

Again, I’m not really that concerned about where on the airport my box might be located after June 1st, so long as it’s reasonably accessible. One of the alternatives presented — renting a box at the retail postal outlet at the 7-11 in the main terminal — is not a reasonable option considering parking issues and the time that it would take to walk to the terminal and back to your car.

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