The stonewalling continues

I like to be charitable. I like to believe people. I like to trust people when they tell me something. This, perhaps, is why I find myself in the situation today where the Airport Postal Outlet has only two business days left to live, and yet we have no meaningful answers from Canada Post or recognition of their customers’ legitimate concerns. I trusted the people I spoke to weeks ago when they told me that other Canada Post customers were unhappy with the situation, and they were working on a plan. I trusted them when they said at one point that a final decision was going to be made “tomorrow” and that they’d call me to let me know what that decision was. They never called.

But now I realise that I was being strung along. How naïve could I be?! Each day they strung me along brought them another day closer to this being a fait accompli. And the stringing along — or stonewalling — continues even today. After what seemed to be the start of a promising dialogue with someone different at Canada Post, I received the following response to my email posted earlier:

Good afternoon Mr. Hartnett, Xxxxx is away from the offifce [sic] for the remainder of today as well as tomorrow and I am her assistant checking her emails in her absence.  Please provide a telephone number for her to contact you, or contact her directly in her office on Friday.  Xxxxx’s number is 604 273-xxxx.

I’m still being charitable in shielding these individuals by blocking out their names, email addresses and telephone numbers! Perhaps it’s because I believe there is still time for Canada Post to do the right thing.

So after ending my email this morning with, “Given the looming deadline, I would appreciate it if you could respond to my points above with haste, preferable [sic] early this afternoon. Thank-you”, I’m told to wait two days for a response. I realise I’m not the only customer that Canada Post has; however, it was Canada Post that chose to give a minimal amount of notice, it was Canada Post that decided to ride roughshod over their customers, and it was Canada Post that didn’t respond to customer concerns. You reap what you sow.

Setting up this website seems to have advanced things slightly, but now things are not advancing quickly enough given the deadline imposed by Canada Post so I’m taking this outside Canada Post to see if can can advance things another way. Stay tuned.

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